The Memorial Bethune & Kotnis in T..
The Memorial Bethune&Kotnis in Tang County is located at 66 Xiangyang North Street, Tangxian Town, Baoding City, Hebei Province. The memoria...
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Address: 66 Xiangyang North Street, Tang County, Hebei Province
Transportation route: it is 3 kilometers from Tang county exit of G5 Beijing-Kunming expressway, which is directly accessible by bus no 2 and no 5 in the county seat.

Bethune Memorial
 Kotnis Memorial
The Memorial Bethune & Kotnis in Tang County is located under the Zhongming Mountain, two kilometers north of the county seat, and only three kilometers from the Tangxian exit of the Beijing-Kunming Expressway. The transportation is very convenient. The memorial was built in 1971. In 1985, with the approval of the People's Government of Hebei Province, the site moved north and a new pavilion was built. In November 1986, the new building was completed. In the same year, it became a sister house with the Bethune Memorial Hall in Canada and opened to the community at the same time. In August 1995, it was named the Hebei Provincial Patriotism Education Demonstration Base by the Hebei Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government. In June 1997, it was named by the Central Propaganda Department as the National Patriotism Education Demonstration Base. Fourteen ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of Propaganda, promulgated the "Classic National Red Tourism Scenic Spot"....